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What Dreams are Made of

Candy Wonderland provides little ones with the perfect opportunity to explore, engage and enjoy a one-of-a-kind play experience in a safe and secure environment. Our interactive kids playground takes the candy-theme to the extreme, with additional kid-friendly activities such as scavenger hunts as well as scrumptious sweet treats to top it all off.

Prepare to see your child enchanted by the myriad of fascinating attractions that await them and allow kiddos to be captivated by joy-filled moments they won’t soon forget. Our Candy Wonderland is designed to inspire creativity and facilitate sugar-coated, wholesome fun for everyone. With Candy wonderland on your list of must-do’s, you’ll be first in line to experience kids’ playtime like never before.

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Our history

Founded on Family Values

Candy Wonderland was founded by a devoted mom-and-dad team who simply wanted to give their children, and other kids from all walks of life, an opportunity to forget the world around them and immerse themselves in wonder.

Our founders felt that the entertainment options available for their 8-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter were not living up to their expectations. They wanted a clean, safe, and secure space where their kids could be free to dream, learn, interact, and explore as they pleased.

And what better way to do that than to step into a whole new world where everything you see, touch and taste is candy-themed?

A Truly Magical Experience

Our Vision

We envision a truly unique kids entertainment center that will become a regular part of family fun for many years to come. We see ourselves providing the ultimate joy-filled experience where children can learn how to dream big even if they’re still very small. We look forward to growing the Candy Wonderland family with a team that is dedicated to seeing our success and passionate about caring for children. We are very excited about broadening our horizons and expanding to multiple new locations in Florida and across the United States, becoming a household name that is synonymous with good fun, cherished memories, value for money, and incomparable service.

Our Mission

We’re on an exciting mission to provide kids with a unique playtime experience where their little minds can wonder and they can play to their hearts’ content. We know that a parent’s first priority is ensuring their child’s safety. That’s why we strive to give parents the peace of mind in knowing that their kids are safe. We prioritize your children’s’ health and safety by providing a clean, secure and kid-friendly playground that is filled with opportunities to learn and develop their imaginations while remaining engaged and keeping active. We simply weren’t satisfied with the entertainment options that were available to our family, which is why we’re dedicated to providing high-quality play facilities that go hand-in-hand with consistently exceptional service you can count on.

Our Values

Our Happy Parents

Our candy-themed entertainment center is geared towards providing an unforgettable experience and is the perfect setting for the ultimate birthday party or celebration. Taking every precaution to ensure your child’s health and safety, we’ve created a playground like none-other, keeping kids engaged, active and entertained for hours on end.

While we can’t promise that your little one won’t be begging for more when home time comes, we can guarantee that they’ll have something spectacular to look forward to for years to come.

Safety first

Your children’s health and safety is paramount. We ensure a hygienic, clean space in which your kids can play with age-appropriate facilities and activities that promote an active lifestyle and engage both the mind and body in fun and exciting ways.

Quality entertainment

We’re all about taking kiddies entertainment to the max with a one-of-a-kind experience you won’t find elsewhere. We provide hours of enjoyment with delicious food choices and ice-cream treats for the family, activities and a candy-themed playground that ignites the imagination.

Learning through play

It is said that some of the most valuable life lessons are learned on the playground. Our Candy Wonderland is geared towards providing opportunities for your child to learn through play, developing their sensory, motor and social skills while having the time of their lives.

Outstanding Service

We’re committed to upholding the highest standards of service with a passion-driven team who are dedicated to making your child’s time at Candy Wonderland a memorable experience that they always look forward to.